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the house is located across the street from the school kevin used to attend, aness school. the resident has and we're told he was a person of interest and that police questioned him in searched the house. but the new unit formed at the sfpd reviewed evidence and were here today. they're searching that house, for any evidence of the 10-year-old boy that disappeared. he this will send those bones for analysis to see if they are human or animal.
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>> all right, vic, dan noyes will be joining us at 6:00 in this story. >> oakland mayor responded from the first time today about the side show that shut down i 880 in oakland on saturday. drivers blocked off traffic on the northbound lane to spin out for several minutes as you can see. then, they took off before officers could arrive. today, the mayor said side shows have become a rare sight in oakland thanks to efforts. >> that is frustrating so we'll see if it's a long term trend. since i've been mayor. they've come down. significantly. >> chp asked other drivers who turn in video of the license plates so they can track people down. coming up at 6:00 we'll play you the recordings of frustrated drivers stuck in traffic. >> police now have one man in
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custody less than 24 hours after an 8-year-old girl was shot. >> abc 7 news has more on that from oakland. >> happening now a stern warningg3f[u reaffirming what he calls a commitment to protect the city in the city this, after an 8-year-old girl was shot. police and california state parole officers interviewed several adults at the same house on 65th avenue where an 8-year-old girl was shot the day before. police haven't given many details but took one man into custody before they left the scene. police chief made it clear that he and his team will use every5)l resource available to find the person who pulled the trigger. >> we'll catch the shooter, we're coming after you with all resources possible and with speed. >> police have not said if the man taken into custody has a connection to the shooting or if the home was targeted. coming up at 6:00 we'll have
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latest information into two shootings, both happening the last eight days. in east oakland abc news. >> happening now a man shot in the head in a gas station died from injuries. man's father showed up to the scene and told police the victim was 20 years old. >> brentwood police released sketches of two men wanted in connection with a drive by shooting that injured four teenagers last week, investigators believe these suspectskra mistook one victim because of the sneakers he was wearing. all four boys and they were between ages of 13 and 16. >> a judge upheld a ban on public nudity. >> judge chen dismissed a challenge filed by nudity activists after an ordinance that outlawed disrobing in
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public. >> chun said he it did not violate freedom of speech or expression. >> an attorney says they'll consider an appeal. >> another sparkling day and not too cool. >> yes. spencer christian is here. >> going to be not too cool tomorrow, it will be milder:rc. temperatures upper 50s so it's getting mild. it will be milder later in the week.jdoç this evening, we expect temperatures from mid 40s to low z.early in the morning it will be chilly in spots. over all, a sparkling sunny afternoon, high temperatures from about 60s on the coast to mid-60s inland. want to take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see absence of cloud cover except thin clouds
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moving through. it's going to be sunny and mild coming through. >> spencer, we'll see you shortly. >> a cost sharing service that is popular is rolling out new wheels to give disabled customers a lift. >> there are three wheelchair accessible minivans to its fleet. the ban they will enable wheelchair users to use the service. >> any member can utilize the access mobile there. is a special program for those who want to self identify, meeting demands. >> each van can carry two wheelchairs and hold three passengers. the cast starts at about $8 an hour. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 dramatic 911 calls plus... >> a plane crashes into the
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icy waters of the hudson river. how the pilot and passengers were pulled to safety. >> then, at 4:30 an iraq veteran gets a double arm transplant after losing all four limbs in combat. what he plans to do now. >> and on this tuesday, let's take you outside to take a look at the skyway, live. traffic on the left is head together bay bridge. as you might expect this time of the day, it's slow. not so bad heading into the other direction.
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now to super bowl coverage. it's media day in new orleans.
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reporters and photographers from around the world get to know players a little better. >> today, alex smith spoke about his future with the team. but media day is a spectacle where kids can get surreal for player asks those reporting. >> yes. speaking of that, larry beil is normally here, but he's out there at immediate wra day today. larry is live at super dome in new orleans for us now. hi, larry. >> surreal, i think best describes the wholelhlq experie, it takes several thousand reporters. you put them on the field and start the clock, let them go. that is the essence of super bowl media day. we'll show you pictures from the super dome today. ravens and 49ers same field they'll meet on sunday and square off. >> reporter:ers get an hour with each team. some dressed up in costumes.
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you get people asking goofy questions. guys dressed up think they're the king. heard wrestling days, player was lots of personality like joe staley. they're right at home in this setting. >> my muscles are too big. >> there you go. >> more for the camera. oh, yeah. >> you've got it. >> mike shumann joins me now. he was just kaepernicking off stage, i saw one knucklehead running around in an old 49ers jersey. it seems like you said there are athletes and media out there but there are these knuckleheads out there. for some reason, i seem to be drawn to them, check it out.
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>> super hero you know it super bowl. >> youwézu know it. >> super dome. >> super dome. you've got everything. >> this is sublime. >> how did you get in here? >> there is nothing to do with vims. just maybe keep watching. >> you can wrestle someone down. >> i know this guy. i don't want to wrestle the kicker. >> i just want to interview your hair. you can cut yourself. >> yes. yes. i throw down zen warrior into a sharp edge. >> you've got davie crockett going here. >> this is crazy. >> what is your super power? >> super hero. >> really? >> i saw knit his eyes. >> who is your pick? >> well... i say it it spoils
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it for everybody. do you want to take that responsibility? >> i will take it. >> really? >> yes. if i have any. >> wow. >> and? >> wow. wow. >> yes. >> impressive. that is impressive. >> wow! >> where do you get nl knowledge? >> it's a gift. >> oh, brother. i can't give away what his pick is. it's not just athletes and former athletes. larry tweeted this picture of me talking to miss alabama. we'll have more in new orleans that is coming up ahead at 5:00. >> you seem to spend a lot of time with kaj lynn. >> yes. i just follow it aaround and curious, she'll tell us built at 5:00. i love interview with marcel marceau. >> really?
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>> yes. >> what incentive. this week.wñ raising the question, who is feeding all ofv vfyvj=q people? for that story we turn to abc 7 news wayne freedman live in jackson square. >> this is jackson square. it rained here. the crowd is gathering you've got carriages over there and wet pavement. here, you've at cafe du monde. you probably like to cook, right? do you think you9r@r can handle one? 10? or a thousand. coming up sunday. they're cooking. >> this is right here. >> depending on experience
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level, begin a pot of vegetarian gumbo and what if other people want jambalaya. >> we'll make it this is the answer nobody asks. where is the food for 70,000 people? in new orleans, on super bowl sunday, much will be coming from here. >> for a lot of us this is probable lit most major event wile do. >> also known as these super bowl of cooking. >> this chefs makes a habit of crowds and stayed yimz including at and t park but super bowl numbers are staggering. >> we're going to serve over 6,000 pounds of shrimp. including 2,000 pounds of shrimp po' boys and there are 1800 pounds for shrimp cocktail.
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>> have you another 2000 pounds of smoke pork. >> how many shopping carts is involved in this? >> it's truck load autos they have 1200 palettes. >> how about pigs to a pal yet of bacon? >> 1200. >> pigs? >> yes. >> bad day for piggies it is most sanz are not veg taryns but do know what they like. photographer. >> you see real men do eat quiche. maybe, at 6:00 tonight real photographers and reporters might try to hitch a ride on one of these rigs here.
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we'll see you in new orleans. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> tur, wayne, one people in media day today was jim harbaugh's wife, saira. i asked her had sayings, what do you like best? who has got it better than us? that is not her favorite. >> thank you. >> that is good stuff, thank you. it's been hard for fans to get a flight to new orleans or a hotel. it's packed. coming up after 4 thirty-one alternative and affordable way to get to the big easy for super bowl 47. >> on to business news. earning season is rolling along.jmñ%8and that is right. emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, emily.
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>> good afternoon, carolyn, dan. holidays are the gift that keeps on giving for amazon. the company reported earnings with fourth quarter sales rising 22% as more shoppers are turn to web for holiday purchases. in other earnings news, corning posting a 14% sale gain in the 4th quarter thanks to high demand for gorilla glass. sales of gorilla glass used in smart phones topped $1 billion for the first time last year. corning also says it sects growth this year. and time warner named kevin sugihara as a new ceo of the film studio. he has been responsible for digital distribution, video games and more. and a check on trading the dow
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in a five shares of apple and intel. net flix is going to more than double it's debt as the company has a new tv and film products. selling $500 million worth of junk bonds/-p>. net flix had been investing in skpramz revived the cult favorite arrested development in an effort to fend off competitors. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, carolyn, dan, back to you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this fantastic weather we're enjoying. >> yes. nice out there. >> spencer going get warmer it. >> s it's been a stunningly beautiful day. and this is a live view from our mount tam camera.
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blue skies, thin, high clouds above. like yesterday. only a little bit mild yes, very pleasant day around the it's not breezy againerly. here, you can see how clear skies are. you can see a thin layer of clouds. mainly into the east bay ask south bay now. current temperature readings are certainly indictive of how mild it's going to be later in the week.k 60 in nappa. mid to upper 50s everywhere else around the bayéy area. clear, cool tonight. sunny skies and mild tomorrow. milder than today. this dry, mild pattern lasts throughout the weekend and into next week. tonight look for lows to drop down to 36 in nappa. and 39é8p/n
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fremont. low 40s around the bay. 49 here in san francisco. atmosphere this is what's happening. satellite radar shows a massive high pressure system forming a stronggzoh blocking ridge well north. so there are no weather disturb yansz coming our way. no problems there. tomorrow, sunny skies and hilder in the south bay. highs into low to mid 60s up to about 64 in campbell. on the peninsula, low 60s. 62 redwood city. 63 palo alto. and upper 50s to 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, a high of 60 tomorrow, north bay, we'll see low to mid-60s.
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63 in oakland.q!p inland east bay, 63 in danville. monterey bay, mid 60 as cross the board. this pattern holds throughout the weekend. high temperatures into mid-60s throughout the weekend. and we'll see cooling on tuesday.xwçz >> excellent turks. >> coming up next, six flags discovery kingdom puts on a fox bowl. will it be niners or ravens? >> then at 4:30 a coat of paint can go do a lot to brighten the home. you know that. michael finney explains which brands to choose from. traffic it's moving nicely in both directions. stay
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911 tapes are giving us a sechbs frightening moments experienced by a pilot and passenger. >> the plain crash nootd hudson on sunday. >> in the water we're filling up. >> okay. >> okay. okay. >> plane is filling up. we're in the middle of huts on. >> that is 43-year-old chris schmidt, the passenger on the planeó= that took the plunge.
4:25 pm
>> the pilot, 39-year-old managed to land in the dark. the plane's loen engine failed just minutes after taking off. >> you can hear the very moment their bodies make contact with icy water, listen. >> i'm going to lose you. i'm going to lose you. okay. okay. the water. the water. the watt jer freezing. >> yes. yes. >> the passenger and pilot survived thanks to their life vests almost 30 minutes they spent in that icy water. >> this happened four years and a few days after captain suly sullenberger pulled off the first miracle on the hudson. >> well, puppy bowl has become a super bowl week tradition. >> but does it compare to the bay area own fox bowl? >> we want to show you two red foxes from the six flags discovery kingdom, today therk
4:26 pm
battled it out. >> they learned to grab and take football to 49ers end zone. their cheering section, try red, and gold colored furs. >> we can hope so, right? >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 a coyote mystery this, animal found in san francisco z now, rescuers trying to find why wr she came from. also... >> i just want to get most out of these arms and to just as goals come up, knock them down. >> first service member to survive using all fourp!i limbs is giving new hands and arms, his story you're going to hear it alternative way one couple is getting to the super bowl on a budget.
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in case you're just joining us we want to bring you more on breaking news. >> a discovery in san francisco that may help solve the mysterious disappearance of a boy, 30 years ago. >> abc 7 news vic lee was the only reporter on the scene when fbi agents and law enforcement began searching a house in the haight.
4:30 pm
it's near the spot where this little boy, 10-year-old kevin collins was seen he became the first missing child pictured on a milk carton. investigators search aid home on oak and messonic street them. believe a man that used to live in the house may be responsible for the abduction of collin autos a source tells abc 7 news cadaver sniffing dogs located something under the floor in the basement them. did find bones in the area, now being analyzed. >> the residents who live at the home passed away sometime ago. we're told he was ax> three men face charges today for a home invasion robbery in a three day crime spree in san jose. police say the men -- they're responsible for a total of four robberies and a stabbing.
4:31 pm
abc 7 news is live in san jose wlaitest for us. the crime spree had residents on edge over a week. now, they can breathe easier. waits here in san jose that three men rang the doorbell of a retired couple and forced their way in. the couple bound while three men ransacked the house and took valuables. police have arrested treated and released three men, 19-year-old, an 18-year-old and another 18-year-old. detectives have linked them to two other robberies over two day period. police call them the worst of the worst. >> talking about violent crime the worst of the worst they're not only robbing people but
4:32 pm
messing people up. they're stabbing them arks tacking them. and which is hammering them into the head or whatever they have. they're hurting people. >> they found them. and they get them that. is, you know, that is others will think twice before they come in here. >> now, all property stolen in the home invasion has been recovered. suspects remain in custody facing charges of armed robbery, false impoise pris onment, kidnapping and burglary. police believe that the three suspects captured may be implicated in other crime sprees in the south bay. so detectiveses from other police agencies are now looking into that possibility and perhaps, more charges may be following. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. and an injured coyote found in the mission district is
4:33 pm
recuperating in a0z!y wildlife center this, is a photo of the abl. she was found in the backyard of a home near cap and 18th nl streets. the coyote cap zpurd impounded by animal control. experts are asking for the public's help now for details on how the coyote ended up in the mission district to begin w it's a strange spot for the animal to be. the animal being treated for a bad infection. >> in a 94-3 vote u.s. senate confirnled senator john kerry as the next secretary of state. the senate foreign relations committee approved this nomination this morning. once sworn in, he will succeed hillary rodham clinton. the obama administration will another cabinet post in the new torm term, ray lahood announced he's stepping down. lahood was the last republican left in the obama cabinet. accomplishments include a campaign to curb texting while
4:34 pm
driving and changes rules to reduce pilot fatigue. >> president obama said there is progress on capitol hill to tackle the complicated issue of immigration ryeñ4?q forms -- reforms. >> yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators announced their principals fr comprehensive immigration reform chr in line with principals i've campaigned on. >> the president made the comments in front of a large rally in las vegas this morning. he says is he seeking to win for change that's will give estimated 11 million illegal immigrants a chance at becoming american citizens. >> a soldier who lost all four limbs in a roadside bombing says he has big plans. a 26-year-old wheeled himself into a news conference today at johns hopkins hospital. he's the first recent series member to survive the loss.
4:35 pm
he showed off his new arms today with the surgeons. the surge heens were stand big his side. >> i used to love to drive. it was a lot of fun for me. i am looking forward to becoming an athlete again. one goal is to enter a marathon. >> he received the transplants and bone marrow. it's a message shown to redus td the need for antirejection drugs. >> amazing guy. >> a niner fan talks about planes, trains and automobiles getting to the game by whatever means possible. >> one couple put together a fly drive park plan and discovered an online planning tool at it. >>uñnb brandon dungeon and cryl work on posters for the trip to new orleans.
4:36 pm
the 31 foot ford they're renting in houston. >> i got online looking at flights. we're like, wow. sticker shock, big time. >> i was there a way to do this cheaper? but still have a fun, you know, great experience. so... i don't know what possessed me to think i'm going to get an rv to drive. >> there is no way they were going miss this game. they helped niners get there. so with tickets in hand they came up with a plan to drive to new orleans but then what sne heard a site he never heard of)óe answer. >> a weekend friday evening through sunday night, rv parking it would have cost $1500 but offered tail gating,
4:37 pm
so after some research to make sure that it was legit, duncan pounced. >> i reserved it. it was the last spot they had in the hot. so we just got in there. >> park whiz says the average price paid ranges perfect about 100 to $375. for rv space is 500 and nearly $1900.@d@. it's a small price to pay, when you consider... >> we're going to win. >> great idea. >> yes. >> we a v.a team live in new orleans covering the quest for six. we're retrieving their best behind the scenes updates for you at abc 7 news bay area. >> and turn to abc 7 news after the super bowl.
4:38 pm
teams lrb live and on the air with how niners are reacting here and in the big easy. >> tune in. >> still head it's not the largest bubble bath. what is actually washing up on beaches down under. >> and where a surfer may have ridden into record book autos getting ready for another stunningly burtful sunset looking at western skies here, how long will this weather last? my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and it's an easy drive now ifkvwñ you're trying to make0"fr way through san francisco.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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recent flooding in australia pushed dirty water into some of the beach autos this is sea foam can rough opqq and strong winds, vult this. light, airy foam taking over >> beach goers say it's disgusting and you can see why. some people nearly run over when a car nearly merged from the foam. >> why are people swimming in that? move over, mavericks. here is real big wave riding. word from portugal is that garrett mcin a mayorra may
4:42 pm
have topped his own rorkd riding a wave nearly 100 feet tall. >> this video is from yesterday, there needs to be calculations and it does look like he will best his record-setting wave of 90 feet. >> wow. that takes guts. >> yes. >> let's return to talk about the forecast. >> yes. us. >> right now, live doppler 7 shows just a few thin, high clouds, lots of sunshine right now. nationwide tomorrow, a mixed picture this, is what you might expect mid winter. mild in the east tomorrow. snow in parts of the upper mid west ask over great lakes and cold into upper mid twoft a high of only four tomorrow. light snow over northern, central rockies. also, not unusual for this time of the year, here in the sate state of california, sunny skies from top to bottom. nice, mild down south. highs into upper 60s in palm
4:43 pm
springs and los angeles, moving farther north, 63 sacramento. 64 big sur, on the coast, here in the bay area, sunny skies tomorrow, again, just thin, high clouds like today, but milder than today. highs beginning to move up towards mid-60s tomorrow, highs of 64 in napa and santa rosa. and this is going to hold steady can you ask for more? >> this is what we're getting. >> we'll take it. >> still ahead 49ers legend joins twitter universe, the first ever tweet. >> may not be about what you eat but when you eat it. >> i'm michael finney. picking right paint can be hard to do. which are the best brands which are the best brands well, well, well.
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the government analysis finds leafy green vegetables
4:47 pm
are the leading source of food bourne illnesses. ji cases from 1998>@xn through 200. it's the agency's most comprehensive attempt to identify which foods often carry germs that make us sick. cdc estimates roughly one in six americans get sick from food poisoning every year. most food related deaths were from contaminated chicken and poultry. >> a study suggests tieiter that's eat lunch early lose more weight than those who eat lunch late yes, researchers studied 48 people who participated in a program. those who ateivfw before 3:00 n the afternoon lost 22 pounds, those who ate later lost about 17 pounds, researchers say they don't knowit was different but suggest glucose is processed differently depending on the time of the day. >> that is interesting. >> yes. >> you know possibilities are endless whit comes to paint. the question is do you to have spend a lot to get a great finish? >> michael finney is here now
4:48 pm
with results of a test. >> a lot of good news, really. >> yes. >> if you're going repaint we're going to save you money. feel like your home is looking drab? consumer reports finds whit comes to choosing paint[6qt gois beyond color. >> gail is back in her local hardware store looking at paints after having a great experience repinning her bedroom. >> looks brand new. >> a new color could be a way to get a new look say experts. tester says steer clear of economy paint. >> a good price is a good thing. but stay away from really inexpensive paints. none of the top picks were under $20. >> you don't need to spend top dollar. benjiman moore which can cost $68 a gallon did well burke not top rated in consumer reports latest paint tests.
4:49 pm
highest scores went to paints that cost half that much. and kensington sold at ace hardware store autos it topped our ratings in satin finish, then, semi gloss is great for trim. >> these clark and kensington paints left a smooth finish. even after a thousand passes with the stiff scrub brush. plus they're superb at hiding. you can cover hold paint you're tired of looking at. >> it's also self priming. you can save time. >> the fact gail could get paint at ace store made the
4:50 pm
job easier, too. if you hope at home depot or lows consumer reports says paints available at these stores did really well in the tests as well, home depot, several paints by behr are recommended in all sheens including premium pus ultraenamel z gliden premium for about $25 a gallon. if you prefer lowe's, consumer reports recommends valspar signature faints for around $33 a gallon swre. information you need at abc 7 check it out. i mean, we're talking $15 cheaper. >> yes. >> we hit spring people are thinking it. ç primer coat. >> yes. >> thank you. >> 49ers legend considered a man of few words is now sharing his daugts. >> joe montana launched a twitter account today writing good luck, 49ers looking forward to a great super bowl
4:51 pm
its very first post hit just about four hours ago. montana has 16,000 followers. >> that is 50,000 by midnight. >> here are members of thefaáu pacific boy choir kaeperncking they have performed in niners, raider asks a's game. >> take a look at this young fan showing off all of his swag. >> these fans are all times, look how cute they are. >> yes. >> really good picture autos yes. >> coming up next san francisco bar gets a high honor. >> stay with us. >> it's not the ferry building. or palace of fine arts, sam's bar has just been designated a landmark. coming up, i'll tell you why. >> abc 7 newsroom, vic lee
4:52 pm
updating you on a missing child story you've been seeing only on abc 7 news and will have more exclusive details and the day long search of the san francisco home that may hold clues to what happened to 10-year-old kevin collins. at 5:00 you'll hear from a neighbor who remembers a man who lived in that home when collins disappeared nearly 30 years ago. supposed to be covering the super bowl6)"# but so far this trip has been all about bowls of steaming food.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
artists like sammy daveus junior would hang out downtown. they want to come here to lounge. >> the bar was a political hub. jordan was the first african american to run for mayor in 1963. district supervisor helped push for the bar's landmark status. >> we're discussing politics for debating any kind of a social matter or if there was a loved one lost.
4:57 pm
everyone seemed to congregate around sam jordan. >> this week there were againations of customers gathering to celebrate 54 g
4:58 pm
will this provide breaks that police and families have hoped for? >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. a warm up is on the way. i'll show you how much temperatures will rise, coming up. >> and live reports from new orleans continue as we catch up with jed york. >> there is a possible major break tonight in the kevin collins missing child case. he was a 10-year-old last seen in a bus stop in san francisco nearly 30 years ago. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> san francisco police and fbi search aid home today on page street. near the location where kevin collins was last seen in 1984. vic lee is live with detail that's you'll see only on abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> this search is now over. police are wrapping up their investigation. but they're here all day at that house across street, behind me. >> police closed off the sidewalk in front of a house as they began the probe. homicide inskbrorkts, members of the csi unit and agents went in and out of the house all day. two sources who acknowledge the investigation told abc 7 news that they believe a resident who used to live in the lower flat may have been responsible for the abduction of kevin collins. the 10-year-old disappeared almost three deck yids ago from this neighborhood. he left brabl practice and waited for a bus down the street at oak and messo nismt c. this is a cross from the school. posters went up.
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